Terms and Conditions

You are required to read and understand these terms and conditions. Agreeing to these terms means that you have accepted to work with us based on the conditions stated.

  1. Our site is KOTDIGITAL NEWS and we do not take responsibility for the content you publish on this site. You are FULLY responsible for what you write. We are just giving you a platform to write, share and earn online.
  2. You cannot delete an article which you have written and paid. Once paid, the article becomes the digital property of KOTDIGITAL NEWS but we do not take responsibility of the content you have written if found or deemed false or malicious.
  3. You are not allowed to try making any other changes on the website except writing an article which includes adding Media or feature image, sharing the post and earning
  4. Payments are made every Thursday, at least $5 or KES 500 to make a withdrawal request.

Compensation of Authors


  • $0.1 Basic
Word Count
  • $0.1 per every 100 words
  • At least 100 words to get paid
  • $0.001 per view …that is $1 per 1000 views
  • At least 100 views to get paid
  • $0.02 per comment after 10 comments.
  • At least 20 comments to get paid, 20 comments mean 10 paid comments – $0.2. That is $0.002 per comment

Example: For Example, if by Thursday you have written 20 posts, 400 words each. With 100 views each. You will earn ($0.1*20) + (0.1*(400*20)/100) + ((20*100)/1000 * $1) = $12 or KES 1200. If you have 10 posts, 300 words each, 1000 views each…you will earn ($0.110) + ($0.1(30010/100) + (((101000)/1000) * $1) = $14 or KES 1400.

  • Authors who consistently receive lower number of views will be terminated.
  • Focus on Views, quality, and engaging content. Content that triggers users to leave reviews, and comments.
  • Engaging in spam, non-productive activities to generating traffic, comments to increase earnings will see your earnings cut by 80% and your cooperation with us dominated.
  • Our Cheat systems counts unique views and sessions. Fake Traffic and Clicks such as frequently clicking your post link to get views is detected automatically by the system. Traffic generated by bots and auto-clicks is ignored in compensation plant. DO NOT Involve in search fraudulent activities.  DO NOT SPAM social media platforms when sharing your link, you will get banned by social media.


If you refer a user to the site and you coach them to register and start publishing articles, you will received 10% of the amount they earn every Thursday as long as they earn.


KOTDIGITAL NEWS maintains the authority to terminate your cooperation with us where they find justifiable such as involvement in fraudulent activities or spam and generating fake views.

It takes 1 hour to write 2 articles 300 words each. Post it on your WhatsApp profile, social media, WhatsApp and Telegram Groups. Generate your 1000 views. There are also views generated on your post indirectly by viewers on the site and visitors subscribed to our email newsletter. So, it is easy to reach the required minimum views per post.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards,


Looking forward to a good working relationship with you.