In last year 2019 at Ngobit high school , we meet with some of student soldiers . On one Wednesday they all meet in one position. These are the challenges they faced in the war ; CHALLENGES THEY FACED: Lack of enough masenary. Lan’gat did not take her position wellContinue Reading

Milk boils and flow over a saucepan rim. A volcano erupts: it bursts from the earth. Why? . This happens because steam expands ( swells up ) . When Milk boils at 100°C , the water in it turns into steam. The steam expands, forcing the milk to rise andContinue Reading

Poutry farming in Kenya is mainly done in counties like nyeri, meru , kiambuu, murang’a , laikipia and many others. I charles the bullet Eater I have done a lot of research and got that Poutry farming in Kenya is Done in many counties . I have met one ofContinue Reading

Kenya is one of two African countries that have started Clinical trials on a drug that might be the cure for Covid-19.The trials, whose results are expected in three months time, will evaluate the efficacy and safety of Actemra (tocilizumab) in the treatment of a pneumonia linked to Covid-19 inContinue Reading

The rate of coronavirus infections is scaling up on daily basis with over 40 counties registering a positive case. The trend is worrying even though a majority of Kenyans do not feel scared of the pandemic as at now compared to the months of March and April. Amid the presidentialContinue Reading

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