Eunice: hi

Charles: hi to

Eunice: beib how are you?

Charles: beib I’m fine and you ?

Eunice: I am fine beib, am happy

Charles: why beib?

Eunice: to see my king boy

Charles: I’m happy to Meet my queen , wow beib I love you

Eunice: ( smiling ) I love you too beib

Charles: If you love me , do one thing to me beib

Eunice: which one beib?

Charles: beib please standup then come closer, I give you something

Eunice: ok beib ( looks at him ) well

Charles: Beib this ring, you should take care for it , when you see that ring you should see my love

Eunice: ok beib , I will take care for it.

Charles: beib let enjoy ourself, by dancing

Eunice: I don’t know how to dance beib

Charles: I will show you, how to dance

Eunice: I am yours

Charles: beib promise

Eunice: charles I will never live you

Charles: ( kissing her deep kiss ) I miss you beib

Eunice: I miss you too .

Charles: take this beib …

Eunice: what?

Charles: 🌹🌹

Eunice: ( laughing and smiling ) wow , beib thank you , ( smelling at flower )

Charles: mmmh, welcome

Eunice: you are my future husband

Charles: ( shouting ) oh really

Eunice: yes

Charles: you are my future wife

Eunice: ( tears of joy rolled down her face ) beib are you serious?

Charles: yes

Eunice: let us enjoy our love and friend’s stories put aside

Charles: our love should be smooth

Eunice: (laughing)beib I will take care

Charles: yes because many people are not happy and never give up in our love

Eunice: let people discuss our love

Charles: yes beib

Eunice: beib our love should remain a story to our society, we should be nomadism to move anywhere with our love , like the people who moves with their animals.

Charles: we should take care of our love

Eunice: ( smiling quietly and happily ) yes beib, we should be a good example to our children

Charles: yes beib

Eunice: one kiss for me , you mean I love you

Charles: if a hug was a leaf , I would give you a forest

Eunice: if loving you is like picking a flower, I would remain in the garden, if love was a rain drop I would send you a shower.

Charles: one kiss for me , you mean I love , two kiss I need you , one hug I only need you , I call mean you are my only one , two messages I will never forget your love.

Eunice: loving someone who doesn’t love you is like hugging a cactus, the tighter you hold on , the more it hurts

Charles: ( smiling ) when love ins’t madness, it is not love again

Eunice: ( smiling quietly and loving ) if nothing last forever, will you be my nothing?

Charles: yes

Eunice: ( speaking quickly ) the sweetness of a good friend can be left forever, the taste of kiss can never be forgotten feel comfort able under my care

Charles: yes…..

Eunice: ( Speaking slowly when facing down ) I opened my purse and found it empty, I reached into my pockets and found two coins, I searched my heart and found you, that is when I realized how rich I am

Charles: ( hesitating ) m y l o v e f o r h e r g o e s b e y o n d t h e p r e c i o u s m o m e n t s w e h a v e s h a r e d t o g e t h e r

Eunice: Roses are red 🌹 , violets are blue 💙 , sugar is sweet but nothing is compared to you.


one tree can make a forest, one smile can start a friendship, one touch can make you show love and care and a sweetie like you can make life worth a living , I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️

Eunice: beib I love you like the way I love myself

Charles: I wish to stay with my queen wife

Eunice: let God be our elder in our love and we live in peace .

Charles: ( feeling to kiss Eunice on her smooth lips 💋 )

Eunice: kissing charles a deep kiss

Charles: promise you will never live without me ❤️

Eunice: I promise I never live you 💕





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