Earning Smart on Agriculture

Potato farming.

Today Kenyan Education has lead onto long unsatisfactorily toward the graduant due to long chain of job competitions,Here I come with that solution to make you rich in 3 months.

Before thinking on potatoes production, the first priority to consider is small capital and a piece of land.It doesn’t mean you have to own or your parents to be the owners,Rental is an ideal for it. The suitable potatoes production area are Timau,Limuru and Molo, in this region land rental per an acre ranges 10,000-15,000 per year.

After getting the land ready, the cost of tilling an acre using tractor or human labour is ksh 4,500 per acre, furrowing ksh 2,000 , ksh 1,000 heaping soil,8 bags of 70 kg potatoes seeds and 3 bags fertilizer.

On managing this,you have to buy fungicide 1 and half kgs (Either twigacycline,Ridomil or Agromac) while choosing fungicide note the availability of mangoceb and cyaanil which works effective on blight to be used all along.

Potatoes toward majurity becomes yellow and leaves seem to turn brown that’s now the time of harvest, harvesting potatoes while the leaves are green will lead to small return .An acre produce 120 bags of potatoes sold on door market at ksh 2500.k

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