Top 5 Reasons Why Men Fear Marrying Kikuyu Women

Many Kenyan men fear committing to a Kikuyu woman. It is so mostly because of the myth that Kikuyu women are mostly interested in material things rather than marriage itself.

A man would therefore prefer dating a Kikuyu lady but when it comes to marriage chose to settle down with another woman from other Kenyan tribes.

There was an incident when some European embassies advised their citizen against marrying Kikuyu ladies; this was after the death of Dutch citizen Cohen who was married to a Kikuyu lady, Wambui.

But what are the top 5 reasons why men fear marrying Kikuyu women?

5. They don’t entertain non-sense

Men want a woman who will pamper them. However, Kikuyu ladies are known to be ruthless and don’t entertain nonsense. If you are a man do not expect to be pampered by a Kikuyu lady especially if they feel you are not being responsible “enough”.

4. They can’t tolerate a cheating husband

Men are known to be “Mafisi” even when married. So a man would like to settle down with a woman who would look the other way once in a while when his “Ufisi” nature takes control. However, Kikuyu ladies are known to walking away of the marriage even with the slightest rumor of a cheating husband. Owe-on-to-you if you are wealthy because she will demand half of your wealth and run away with your children.

3. They are self-reliant and independent

It is men nature to want to be in control whenever in a relationship and to be the source of security. However, Kikuyu lady are known for their desire to be self-reliant and independence. Rarely a Kikuyu lady will be the perfect house-wife who will just seat around and wait for her husband’s handout. Even when she is a housewife, you will be surprised she has side-hustle that earns her some income to cater for her daily “chama” where she contributes Ksh 500!

2. They are too expensive

Kikuyu women are considered too expensive by many men. They will push you to give them the most expensive gift. Men hate spending too much on a woman, as they would consider it wise to invest the money. Also, men are afraid that if a wealthier guy shows up they will be left nursing heart-break while the woman will be enjoying good life.

1. They demand equality in a relationship

Men usually refer to Kikuyu women as “Iron ladies”. Don’t get married to a Kikuyu lady if you are not ready to share in responsibilities especially those which are traditionally considered to be women responsibilities. A Kikuyu woman will demand you cook as she washes the utensils. But the flip side is she will be willing to cover the rent in case you can’t make that month’s rent!

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