The state of our employment economy.

Gone are the days when the only way to earn money in kenya was through employment. Back then parents would encourage their kids to work hard and get employed in government positions. It’s totally different today. Even with your colourful certificates and all A’s transcripts, you will drop CV’s all over in vain.

You will end up broke,depressed and probably in shagz. Your favorite auntie who promised to get you a job once you are through with schooling will turn her back on you. Your college girlfriend will damp you for a ‘better’ man. Your tall uncle will now be short and you will have no one left to stand with you except your local church pastor.

He will say unto you quoting all scriptures that can convince that you need to dedicate yourself. That means he needs money to unlock your breakthrough. You will be convinced eventually and part with quite some amount and still get no results. It will be you on your own eventually. It ain’t easy, but you will sail through.In the current state of affairs things are different. Grades no longer matter. No one really cares about your degree certificate, masters, KCSE certificate or whatever qualifications you have. All they care about is what you are offering.

What problem are you solving?. And then they will employ or buy from you. It’s that simple. Don’t just look for a job,offer solutions to problems and you will thank me later.Some of the richest men in most countries hold no degree certificates. Some received no training at all yet they earn handsomely. The system has accepted and pays them all the same.

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